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Red-face Demon
The Demon inside his lair
Biographical information
Gender Male
Race Demon
Faction Villains
Health Unknown
Status Still in existence
Played by Joseph Bishara
First seen Insidious
The Demon temporarily in the body of Dalton
The Lipstick-face Demon, also known as the Red-faced demon or "The man with fire on his face", is the main antagonist of Insidious and a minor and final antagonist in the sequel Insidious: Chapter 2. In the first film, it was the closest Insidious entity in the Further to capturing Dalton's physical body. The demon lives inside a large, demonic-decorated lair behind a blood-red door in the Lambert's attic.



The Lipstick-face Demon had known Dalton as a young child (proven to his drawings that he hangs on the walls of his room) and had communicated with him several times. Dalton had seen him lurking in the shadows the night he fell off the ladder in the attic. The next day, he fell into what the doctors claim to be an inexplicable coma.

Lorraine, Dalton's grandmother and Josh's father, claimed that she had a dream of going into Dalton's room one night and seeing something standing in the corner. She asked it "Who are you?" and it replies that it is a visitor. Once asked what it wanted, it said "Dalton". Subsequently after telling her story, the Demon appears behind Josh and roars menacingly, frightening her. It later ran to Dalton's room and ransacked it completely.

The family call Elise, who sees the demon again on the ceiling of the room. She explains that Dalton's spiritual body was captured by the demon when he astral projected the night he fell off the ladder. After a session, the demon controls Dalton's physical body and attacks the group, but is stopped by Elise.

Josh volunteers to enter the Further to rescue his son Dalton, who is found chained to the floor. As the Demon sharpens his claws while listening to Tiny Tim's Tiptoe Through the Tulips from a bronze phonograph, Josh releases Dalton, but the Demon senses Josh's presence and chases the two; however, Josh succeeds and returns him to his body in the material world. The demon is not seen again throughout the rest of the film.

Insidious: Chapter 2Edit

At the end of the film the demon reappears in shadow as Elise recognises the entity and appears to have taken over a little girl named Allison. The demon is recognized because of the familiar crackling sound that gives away his presence.

Appearance Edit

The demon in insidious.

The Red-face Demon has a muscular texture, but is completely black-skinned, except for the red lipstick drawn on his face. He is half-bald, has dark and coarse fur on his legs, and has dark hoofs and a tail. He also has long, sharp, spider-like claws at the end of his fingers.

Though the Demon never speaks in the film, it is capable of speaking, as Lorraine mentions that in a dream she spoke to it and it responded to her in words. When asked who it was, it responded that it was a visitor. When asked what it wants, it responded that it wanted Dalton. Lorraine claimed she could still hear its voice, implying that the Demon has a chilling voice. His voice is only heard once in the film and that is when Renai hears whispering coming from the baby monitior, it is assumed that this is the Demon whispering because he keeps saying I want it, referring to Dalton's empty body.

The Demon keeps Dalton close by in his home in the Further, which seems to be a theatre-like chamber; inside it has marionettes which it likes to play with. It also seems to enjoy sharpening its nails; the Demon hurts Dalton whenever he makes noise.


  • The Demon is often commented through bearing a strong resemblance to the Sith apprentice Darth Maul from the science-fiction series "Star Wars." This is most likely due to the red markings on both their faces and their blackened skin.
  • The Demon makes a crackling sound whenever he is going to appear/seen in the movie, making his appearance very obvious. This explains why most people suspect that it was him behind Alison in the end of Insidious Chapter 2.
  • In the Demon's spare time he likes to enjoy his favourite hobbies: puppeteering and sharpening his claws.
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